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GOSSEN Mavo-Spot 2 USB inc case,cable

$3,944.25(AUD inc. Tax)

Precision measuring instrument for the specific requirements of the professional user.

The meter provides luminance
measurements from the distance from 1 m to infinity, while taking into consideration the ambient light. The MAVO-SPOT 2 USB is equipped with a high quality SLR optical system having a viewing field of 15deg and clearly marked measuring angle of 1deg in the center as well as an external
focusing ring. Two close-up lenses (optional) permit reducing the measuring distance down to 34 cm.
The light sensor is colour corrected, i.e. its spectral responsitivity is matched to the photopic daylight vision of the human eye V(). The accuracy classification for luminance meters is defined in DIN 5032-7, class B and in EN 13032-1, Appendix B. The MAVO-SPOT 2 USB fully meets all the regulations of the class B
A data memory for storing up to 1000 single measuring values, which can be subdivided into 10 groups, is available in the MAVO-SPOT 2 USB. The memory data can be visualized and processed directly with the keyboard and the display or also in the PC via USB Port and the included standard software.

  • High precision spotmetering of the luminance with a measuring angle of 1° according to DIN 5032-7, Class B and DIN EN 13023-1,
    Appendix B
  • SLR viewfinder with measuring circle of 1deg and viewing field of 15deg
  • Measuring from the distance from 1 m to infinity, with close-up lenses (optional) down to 34 cm
  • Contact measurement with optional Measuring Probe
  • Backlight display illumination with LCD read-out in the viewfinder
  • The silicon photo diode is colour corrected, i.e. its spectral responsitivity is matched to the photopic daylight vision of the human eye V()
  • Remarkably easy, one hand use, with only four buttons
    and one sliding switch
  • Configuration via DIP Switches in the battery compartment
  • Automatic measuring range selection, total range 0.01 cd/m to 99.990 cd subdivided in four measuring ranges and 0.003 to 29.187 foot Lambert
  • Data memory for up to 1000 single measuring values, or alternatively in 10 groups
  • USB 2.0 Port
  • Tripod socket
  • CD Rom included with software for visualizing and processing the values measured and controlling the meter.
  • Aluminum transport case, USB cable incl. in the supply


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