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KODAK TMax 3200 TMZ 36ex 35mm B&W film (04B-KZ3200-36)

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This is a 36 exposure roll of T-Max P3200 Professional Film from Kodak. It is an ISO 3200, continuous-tone panchromatic black-and-white negative film that combines high speed with finer grain than that of other fast black-and-white films.


Film Basics
  • Excellent sharpness and shadow detail, fine grain
  • Quality prints from moderately under- or overexposed negatives
  • Better highlight separation
  • Expanded Exposure Latitude
  • Greater forgiveness with overexposure errors
  • Type 35mm black and white negative film
    Speed ISO 3200
    Applications Very fast action
    Dimly lighted scenes where you can't use flash
    Subjects that require good depth of field combined with fast shutter speeds
    Handholding telephoto lenses for fast action or in dim light
    Indoor or nighttime sports events and available-light press photography
    Law-enforcement and general surveillance applications that require exposure indexes of 3200 to 25000
    Process T-Max, T-Max RS, X-Tol, D-76, HC-110, Duraflo RT
    Color Saturation Not applicable
    Grain Fine

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