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ELINCHROM -EL Skyport Remote trigger set (SFE-19362)

$393.64(AUD inc. Tax)

Includes 1x19351 Transmitter, battery and spare battery drawer
2x 19353 Transceiver RX
1x 11120 Sync cable 20 cm, 2.5mm Jack / Camera X-socket
NOTE: Ranger RX requires the Remote adapter cable 11110.
Transmitter (19351)
This module controls basic functions of an Elinchrom RX unit to which a Transceiver RX 19353 is attached. To control all RX functions the USB Transceiver RX 19354 and the latest EL Skyport software is required, which also offers additional features such as “strobing”. The Transmitter synchronises remote flash units, when each is fitted with either a “Universal” (fitting all flash brands) or the RX Transceiver (fitting Style RX, Digital RX and Ranger RX units). The RX Transceiver also provides control over the power and modelling lamp of all Elinchrom RX flash units, directly from the Skyport Transmitter.

Key Features
+/- Buttons to change flash power settings of RX units and to switch modelling lamp on/off, without using a computer.
Action freezing sync speed of up to 1/1000 s.
Studio operating range is about 50 m and 120 m outdoors.
Includes Hotshoe with Sync socket.
Test button for manual flash trigger.
Interference free operation with 40 bit security.
Switch to select 8 frequency channels - for example between separate working areas.
Switch to select 4 workgroups - adjusting and synchronising individual units or groups.
Long life Lithium Battery providing 50.000 flashes or approximately 3 months lifetime.
The “All” switch controls all units in Workgroup 1-4.
The moveable antenna optimises reception and working distance

Transceiver RX (19353)
This module fits only Elinchrom

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