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FEIYUTECH Vimble one gimbal Clearance Center (VR-FYVIMBLE1)

$49.50(AUD inc. Tax)

Vimble One - Anti Shaking Stretchable Handheld Smartphone Gimbal for Live Streaming!

Anti Shaking for Stabilizing Images and Videos - Built-in attitude sensor, adjust the smartphone gesture timely with the brushless motor. Eliminate the hand shaking effect for smooth videos.

Small and Portable, Easy to Carry - Fashionable and simple design, you can put Vimble One in the pocket anytime when it's folded.

Extend for Fantastic Filming - Built-in extension pole gives more freedom when taking selfies and group photos. This allows a wider frame to easily capture beautiful scenery.

Easily Record Using the Smartphone Built-in Camera - The Vimble One supports built-in cameras in smartphones, such as Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo. Without connecting to any app, the Vimble One can directly control the photography and recording functions of the smartphones built-in camera through the handle.

Quickly Switch Between Landscape And Portrait Shooting - Quickly switch between landscape and portrait shooting, easily control various shooting scenes- perfect for daily shooting and recording, and a perfect tool for live streaming and Tik Tok videos shooting.

Phone Holder for Live Streaming - A phone holder for live streaming which is adjustable for height, and an anti-shake stabilizer for outdoor live streaming.

Horizontal Locking Mode - The phone remains horizontal while the handle wagging from side to side, enable to shoot smooth videos.

Follow-up Mode - Filter out the quick shake of the handle and make the phone rotate smoothly to achieve the “inception mode”rotating shooting.

Gesture Control Camera Shooting - Simple guesture to turn on camera shooting, taking selfie is no longer a problem when traveling alone, and convenient for taking group pictures.

Hitchcock Dolly Zoom - No need for professional equipment, you can shoot a blockbuster. With the APP, you can easily achieve Hitchcock dolly zoom shooting and experience the classics.

Overlapping Images Spark Your Creativity - Repetitive exposure at different times enable to unleash your creativity for eye-catching images!

One Key to Freeze the Scene of Street - The automatic exposure of light tracking can easily catch the motion locus of light, to record the street and night scenes.

Time-lapse Photography - One click to start the static timelapse to capture the movement of nature, the moving timelapse brings the glamour of time travel.

6 Hours Battery Life - The battery life is up to 6 hours and supports power bank charging, which is enough for daily needs. 

Main Features
◆The smallest foldable gimbal (smaller than iPhone SE2),which can be easily put into pocket.
◆Weights as 186g (similar to iPhone11), its max. payload is up to 250g, which can easily carry most popular smartphones.
◆With built-in 18cm extendable bar, Vimble ONE can capture more scenery for streaming live or taking selfie.
◆New gesture control feature makes it quickly control the photo and video with "V" or "palm" gesture without help from others.
◆One button to switch landscape and portrait mode in 1s, which is suitable for Tiktok/Panorama.
◆Directly control original camera APP and popular beauty cam APP to satisfy different usage.
◆New design for APP, automatic connection, gesture control, Hitchcock dolly zoom, overlapping image, light tracking & static time-lapse, more features on APP.
◆Up to 6-hours long battery life for the whole day’s working.
Compatible Phone
Width range for smartphone is from 41mm to 89mm. The max. size for phone is up to 6.6 inch. The max. payload is 250g.
It is compatible with all iPhone series, HUAWEI P30 Pro, Xiaomi9, VIVO NEX, OPPO find X, Samsung Note 9, etc (under 6.6 inch).
Compatible phones are:
1. iPhone: iPhoneSE2, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max
    Android: Samsung Note8, Xiaomi 9, VIVO X30 Pro, VIVO Qoo Neo, OPPO FindX (Continuously update)
2.160g phone model and 250g phone model.
3. Large-size phone as HONOR NOTE10, can be used normally in landscape mode .
    Note: Need to use third-party mounting plate for mounting action camera.
Unfolded:  241 x 68.2 x 51.9mm
Folded:     130.4 x 63.1 x 58mm
Battery: 3.7V, 800mAh, 2.96Wh, Built-in battery cannot be removed.
Battery life: 6h (Theoretical battery life)
Charging:  Charging from the Micro USB port on handle and support using while charging.
                  Charging time is 2h, recommend using 5V/2A adapter for charging (forbid to use quick charge)
                  The indicator is red while charging. When the battery is fully charged, it turns to green.
APP:         Feiyu ON
Material:   Plastic ABS/PC
Weight:    186g (include built-in battery but exclude accessories and phone)
Waterproof:  NO
Bluetooth:    5.0
Rotatable Range
﹢68°to -255°(Landscape)
﹢148°to -165°(Portrait)
Mode & Features Buttons
Working mode: singer click function button to switch lock Mode and roll follow mode . Photo/Video Button
1. Single click to control photo/video.
2. Double click to switch front and rear camera.
3. Long press to switch photo and video mode.
    Note: No. 2 and 3 need to connect Feiyu ON APP.
Focus button
1. Slide up to T direction to zoom in
2. Slide down to W direction to zoom out
    Note: Zooming is available only with Feiyu ON APP.
Extensible Port: 1/4 inch thread hole on the bottom of the handle
Folding & Unfolding
Standard accessories: 1 x Charging cable, 1 x Small Tripod
Optional accessories: Extension pole (with 1/4 inch screw), universal tripod (with 1/4 inch screw)


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