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INTERFIT 85 x110cm Pro no-adapt softbox (SSB-6EX-085110P)

$297.00(AUD inc. Tax)

Pro Softboxes are Heat resistant up to 400 degrees "C" or 752 degrees "F" Manufactured only from the very best materials. The Square Softbox is the most commonly used the world over as its a good all round softbox for general usage. Maximum Light loss=1 stop with both baffles inserted.

Rectangular Softboxes are widely used in Fashion and Product Photography as the Speed ring allows you to rotate the box to adjust the shape of light. Some Rectangular Softboxes are used in the Interfit Stellar Halogen range of kits. Maximum Light loss=1 stop with both baffles inserted.Strips can be used in a variety of ways, producing a much narrower band of light when compared to the Octobox. The Strip is a useful tool for creating side lighting for full length fashion or portraits. Or it can be used on a boom arm for a soft hair light. By removing the internal and external baffles high contrast lighting can be achieved for dramatic images  

The Octobox creates a different approach to your lighting. The Octobox is the perfect answer for portrait or fashion work as the light delivered from the eight sided box wraps around the subject to produce an even spread of light. The external diffuser softens skin tones whilst the internal baffles eliminates hotspots and specular highlights and produces an even head to toe illumination of the subject. Maximum Light loss=1 stop with both baffles inserted. Produces an excellent "Catch light" in the eye. And can be used successfully with the Interfit Portrait reflector kit to create a simple but effective "Butterfly Lighting".

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