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GOSSEN Starlite meter

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  • Exposure meter for ambient and flash light
  • CINE-Meter for photographic film manufacturers
  • Meter for illumination intensities and luminances
  • Reflected light measuring with 1�-measuring angle through the viewfinder
  • Reflected light measuring with 5�-measuring angle through the viewfinder
  • Incident light measuring with raised diffuser: measuring
  • characteristics spherical
  • Incident light measuring with lowered diffuser: measuring
  • characteristics flat plane
  • Starlite
    Measurements modes Continuos light and flash (analogue, digital)
    Light sensor 2 color corrected silicon photo diodes
    Measuring angel 1� and 5�
    Incident light Adjustible to flat or spherical characteristics
    Reflected light Viewfinder adjustable to 1� and 5�
    Meas. range ambient light at ISO 100/21�
    Incident light:
    Reflected light 1�/5�:

    EV - 2,5 to 18
    EV 2,0 to 18 / EV 1 to 18
    Meas.range flash light at ISO 100/21�
    Incident light:
    Reflected light 1�/5�:

    f/1,0 to f/128
    f/2,8 to f/128 / f/1,4 to f/128
    Measuring data processing digital
    Repeat accuracy /- 1 digit (= 0,1 EV)
    Film speeds ISO 3,2/6� to ISO 8000/40� (in 1� DIN)
    Apertures f/1,0 to f/128
    Shutter speeds 1/8000 s to 60 min.
    Flash sync speeds 1 to 1/1000 s
    Multiple flash calculation up to 9 flashes
    Cine speeds (f. p. s.) 8-128B/s
    Photometry lx, fc, cd/m�, fL, lxs, fcs, cds/m�, fLs
    Other read-outs measuring function, outranging the measuring range
    Analogue scale f/1,0 to f/128, Zone 0-X
    Corrections/Extension factors EV -7.9 to 7.5 / 1.0 to 240
    Battery 1,5 V (AA) or akku 1,2 V
    Dimensions approx. 164 x 66 x 26 mm
    Weight (without battery) approx. 185 g
    Accessories included Bag, strap, battery, operating instructions



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