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COLBOR LED CL100 Bi colour LED New (LL-CL100)

$299.00(AUD inc. Tax)

Colbor CL100 Bi-Colour COB LED Video Light

The Colbor CL100 Bi-Colour COB LED Video Light is a 100W light source with variable colour from 2700-6500K and 97 CRI. Features such as portable power supply, compact construction, vivid light effects, smart temperature control and modes of Overclock and Quiet all fortify this first COB light at Colbor and make it a welcome addition to the kit for mobile filming. 

Refined Design for Easy Carrying
The space occupied by units inside is minimized on a basis of the fine structural engineering, and the weight is reduced thanks to the robust and lightweight ABS material to only 1.1kg/39oz, 20% less than similar COB LED lights on the market.

Great Emphasis on Light Quality
The CL100 is the first bi-colour product of Colbor fixtures, different from the CL100-M by multiple colour choices from 2700-6500K. It boasts a professional photography lighting design with high quality LED beads to provide natural, stable, and balanced lighting effect. The Colour Rendering Index that is at least 97 indicates a high accuracy in colour rendering. It has no strobe,ideal for 240FPS high-speed shooting, slow-motion filming, and time-lapse capturing.

Catering to Special Needs
The unique Overclock mode built in the CL100 for outdoor lighting would increase the output power by 20% to the maximum 120W once needed and would maintain it for about 60 seconds. It is a great choice if it is not bright enough and there is an urgent need to finish the shooting quickly.

Intelligent Control over Temperature
The Colbor CL100 COB LED carries an intelligent temperature control system. It has several sensors to measure the working temperature in real time - once the preset temperature is reached, the internal cooler would run to accelerate the air circulation and decrease the temperature. Besides, the unique fin and groove structure allows quicker heat dissipation. 

No Extra Noise in Filming
The mechanical noise is about 25dB* when the light cooling fan runs in Smart mode, effect equal to whispering. If the Quiet mode which is designed for ASMR-like scenes to minimize noise impact is on, the figure would decline to around 10dB*, a sound like human breathing which would not be captured during shooting. 

* The 2 figures come out in the lab and may be different when the environment changes. Please be subject to the practice. 

Additions to Lighting Effects
The Colbor CL100 COB LED gives 7 lighting modes and 30 types of vivid special effects of candle, bonfire, pulsating, flashing, lightning, etc. They are all a process preset based on the real scenarios, trying to build a special circumstance for each specific style of shooting. 

Remote Control for Integrated Lighting Ecosystem
The CL100 would join in the Colbor video lighting ecosystem, utilizing the Colbor App to provide light control, scene customization, and light preset, in addition to functions of memory, equipment positioning and firmware update for almost all Colbor products.

Package Includes:

1 x CL100 LED Video Light
1 x Standard Reflector (with Bowen Mount)
1 x Protective Cover
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Packing Bag
1 x Remote Control (Optional)


Color Rendering Index:≥ 97Cooling Mode:Active
Color Temperature Range: 2700-6500K Connector: GX16 3-Pin Connector
Beam Angle: ≈∠ 120° (With Standard Reflector 55°) Body Material: ABS
Illumination:  2998Lux (at 3.28ft / 1m 6500K, No Reflector);
10123Lux (at 3.28ft / 1m 6500K, With Standard Reflector);
41015Lux (at 3.28ft / 1m 6500K, With Hyper Reflector).
Light Dimension (mm): 202*116*117 (Light Base Not Included)
Power:  100W (Constant Power) Light Weight: 1.1kg/39oz
Light Working Voltage: DC 15-24V 6.32A Operating Temperature: -10-50℃


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