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JOBO 4089 CPP3/LIFT &starter processor (D-264089)

$5,500.00(AUD inc. Tax)

JOBO 4089 Colour Processor CPP-3 Lift Kit

Contains: 1 x CPP-3, 1 x CPP-3 Lift, 1 x 2520 Multi-tank 1 x 2502

The Jobo CPP3 Processor is an improved version of the Jobo CPP-2 Processor. The Jobo CPP-3 Processor offers repeatable, high quality film processing, using the tried and tested technology of rotary processing, including automatic agitation, automatic temperature control, one shot processing and processing time control.

This processors semi-automates all film and print processing for daylight operation. All available color and black and white films can be processed at home using any chemistry. This processor will process 35mm, 120 and 4x5 and 8x10 sheet film. It also will process prints up to 20x24.

Everything needed for consistent, repeatable results are very precisely controlled through automated agitation, rotating in both directions back and forth, automatic temperature control, one shot processing and controlled processing time. Also, the built-in timer, for up to 10 different processes, provides a reliable variety of different processing methods for black and white and color work.

The Jobo Lift for the CPP-3 Processor simplifies processing. It eliminates the need to remove the tank or drum during the process. This enhancement ends wet hands and messy counter tops, improves timing accuracy and gives better chemical distribution. The Jobo Lift can be added to the CPP-3 Processor at any time with a minimal effort.


  • Dimensions: 33.5cm H x 96cm W x37cm D
  • Water-Jacket Volume: ca 18 L
  • Weight: 6.8 kg

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