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GITZO -G1380 pro fluid video head (TG-H1380)

$660.00(AUD inc. Tax)


The G1380 "Fluide" video head, is specifically designed to balance the wide range of new DV, DVCAM and light ENG cameras with payloads from 2.2 to 22 lbs.


Features separate pan and tilt, variable fluid drag control to produce smooth and repeatable movement without detachable stops and starts. A separate pan and tilt lock is included. The sliding camera plate, which balances the cameras, can be rapidly engaged or disengaged with the camera from the head. Incorporates a safety release to prevent the camera accidentally falling off.

The FLUIDE has a factory fitted balance spring available in 6 versions, which cover the weights of today's digital and lightweight ENG cameras. (2.2, 4.4, 11, 17.6, 19.8 and 22 lbs. rated springs)

Perfect Balance with Interchangeable Springs
The G1380 Fluide pan & tilt head achieves the perfect counter balance by means of an innovative and unique interchangeable spring balance mechanism, allowing the use of a variety of camcorders with different payloads. This allows the heads to tilt through the full range of ±85: in perfect balance. Eliminating a considerable amount of physical effort required by the operator to control the tilting action. 
The balancing mechanism is both compact and lightweight - vital in ENG production where head size and weight are key benefits in flexibility, handling and portability.
Pan and Tilt Drag Control
Features a progressive, stiction free drag, where the torque is provided from a sliding contact between dissimilar surfaces. The variable drag is adjusted to provide a non-linear torque speed characteristic, which allows "whip pan" movements.
Quick Setup
Unique design features allow fast setup - a must if you are continuously on the move. The leveling bowl has a double threaded screw shank, which allows the bowl lock to be tightened and released quickly. Very handy when you are constantly adjusting the bowl to level the camera (especially on uneven terrain).
Adjustable camera mounting plate
Built-in bubble for horizontal leveling
Load capacity depending on spring

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