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PHOTO-SOLUTIONS CINE swab 24mm Super 35 (6pk,eclp) (58-CS24KIT)

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Cine Swab is available in a 24mm size -  the kit comes
with six swabs and a 1/2 oz bottle of Eclipse.

CineSwab is designed for cleaning CMOS &CCD digital sensors in cinema, ENG & broadcast single sensor cameras. They are cleanroom manufactured and sealed for the ultimate in purity. CineSwabs, along with Eclipse® or Aeroclipse® Optic Fluid,  are a complete cleaning system for cinema cameras. For cleaning prime glass, use our pure optic glass cleaner Eclipse.

How to use CineSwab with ECLIPSE.

Dispense several drops of ECLIPSE or Aeroclipse Optic Cleaning Fluid onto a new CineSwab. With one side of the swab, firmly drag it across the sensor. Repeat in the opposite direction using the clean side of the swab. Discard swab after use. Repeat if necessary with a new swab. Replace lens. Roll test footage to be sure you’ve cleaned it perfectly. Repeat cleaning steps if needed with a new swab.

Caution: Only ECLIPSE Optic Cleaning Fluid should be used to clean CCD & CMOS sensors with CineSwab.
When used as directed CineSwab is easy and safe to use and yields excellent results!

swab motionHow to use CineSwab &  Eclipse.
Do not remove swab from packet until you are ready to use. Dirt on the swab can scratch the sensor.

1. See camera owner's manual on how to access the sensor.
2. Rotate camera to see sensor. Keep camera facing downward or horizontal. Never tip camera straight up. This may cause even more dust particles to fall onto the sensor.
3. Blow off all loose dust and particles with a suitable blower or brush, such as our BrushOff.
4. Dispense several drops (2-3) of Eclipse or Aeroclipse onto a new CineSwab.
5. With one side of the swab, firmly drag it across the sensor, using sufficient pressure to slightly bend the handle. 
6. Repeat in opposite direction using the clean side of the same swab.
7. Discard used swab. swab
8.Replace lens.
9. Record some test footage and preview at high resolution.
10. Repeat steps 3-6  if necessary with a new CineSwab.








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cameraQ. On what kinds of camera sensors can I use CineSwab ?
A. CineSwab is designed for all single sensor CCD or CMOS cameras. Not recommended for 2/3 chip cameras or any camera whose sensors are sealed within the body of the camera.

Q. Where can I purchase CineSwabs, Eclipse and Aeroclipse?
A. All are available at most major photographic camera retailers as well as video rental houses and suppliers.

Q. I’ve never heard of CineSwab. Does anyone in the industry recommend it?
A. Red Cinema recommends CineSwab and Eclipse to clean the sensors of all their cameras. Check back here for new information and recommendations from other manufacturers.

Q. Will CineSwab, Aeroclipse or Eclipse damage the sensor in any way?
A. Not when used as directed. No one has more experience cleaning sensors than Photosol. We invented the very first products for sensor cleaning in 1998, and since day one, we have offered our "No Damage Guarantee". You can read about it here.  



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products To keep those prime lenses prime...use ewipe®.

E-Wipes are conveniently packaged to combine an ultra pure lint-free wipe with a precise pre-measured amount of a sterile, highly refined alcohol mixture. When used as directed, e-wipes are safe to use on CMOS/CCDs, scanners, optical mirrors and other sensitive electronic and photographic image-forming surfaces.

This convenient packaging also prevents over usage and contamination which can destroy an expensive component. When taken out of its originally sealed packet, the wipe contains no more than 5 parts per million of contaminants. When properly used e-wipes will dry instantly, leaving absolutely no residue!

To use, tear open a packet at notch and remove wipe. With a gentle flick of the wrist, the pad will unfold (this should be done with one hand to minimize handling). Lightly wipe across the surface to be cleaned in a single direction only. Do not go over a previously cleaned area with the same wipe, or re-use a wipe at any time, because the dirt collected may cause severe damage.

E-Wipes are recommended by PhaseOne and other manufacturers of digital cameras, scanners and other devices with critical cleaning requirements. This product meets or exceeds SEMI standards.





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Our Money-Back Guarantee

Our CCD Sensor Guarantee
We offer a wide array of products that are used to clean digital SLR and cinema / video sensors. Many companies offer similar products, but no other company offers the same guarantee! We guarantee that our CineSwab, Sensor Swab, Sensor Swab ULTRA, Sensor Swab Plus , Aeroclipse or Eclipse products will not cause any chemical damage to the CCD or CMOS sensor coating when used in accordance with the instructions provided by the camera manufacturer and/or Photographic Solutions.

If it is determined that these products have attacked (dissolved) the sensor coating, we will reimburse the camera owner for the full cost of repairs upon presentation to us of an electronic proof of purchase showing the date, camera manufacturer’s repair invoice and the damaged sensor. This warranty applies to all cameras in any country. Sensors with scratches are not covered under this warranty. Scratches are caused by failure to fully remove all dust and dirt particles prior to using our products.

VIDEO CAMERA INSTRUCTIONS : Please call us for specific instructions on where to send your camera for an authorized evaluation, cleaning and , if required, repair.





CineSwab is manufactured by
Photographic Solutions

430-G Ansin Blvd.
Hallandale, FL 33009
Tel: 954.458.4744


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