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FORMATT-HITECH -72 mm Fader multistop ND

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The Multistop filter is a Neutral Density effect (or fader) filter which allows the user to change the density without having to change filters. It is recognized as being one of the highest quality and most neutral fader filters available and avoids the polarizing effect seen in many of its competitors. By simply turning the front of the filter, you can go from one stop of light reduction to as many as six stops dependent on conditions. This one filter can therefore be as versatile as a full set of ND standard filters in the right conditions. You can also exercise greater control when trying to achieve motion blur when using slower shutter speeds. The front rotating element of the Multistop is larger than the screw in element to allow even wide angle lenses to be able to use this filter without vignetting. The markings on the ring are intended as a guide only. Photographers should always test the filter before committing to their final shot. The filter is available in a range of sizes from 58mm to 105mm without the need for step rings. The Hitech Multistop is made using the highest quality Scott broadcast glass and set in an aluminum filter ring.



Features: 72mm Multistop Fader

  • From 1-7 stops of variable attenuation
  • Allows filmmakers using 1/50th shutter speeds to shoot wide open for shallow depth of field
  • The filter features an outer ring 5mm larger than the inner ring to eliminate vignetting
  • The ring is very quality and features a series of markings on the outer rim so that you can measure and save attenuation settings
  • Made from the world's highest quality optical glass, Schott Superwite
  • Made in the UK using the world's most advanced, computer-controlled filter manufacturing technologies


The Variable ND is a rotating, circular filter that attenuates the light between one and six stops. A Variable ND is the ideal tool for the documentary cinematographer or independent filmmaker as it allows for quick and accurate exposure adjustments.

In Cinema

To replicate the cinematic look of film, digital camera shutters must be set to 1/50th of a second. Setting the shutter to 1/50th of a second removes one of the three variables in setting exposure (exposure time, aperture, and ISO), meaning that you can no longer choose your desired aperture and adjust to proper exposure with time. To achieve the desired aperture, an additional tool is required. This is where the Variable ND comes in. First, set the ISO of the camera. Next, set the desired Aperture of the camera. Finally, adjust the Variable ND to proper exposure (the histogram showing the majority of light toward the center and minimal amounts of clipping).


  • Manufactured in the UK from the finest optical glass available, Schott Superwite.
  • High quality, calibrated, aluminum ring that displays levels of attenuation.
  • Available in all the popular circular sizes.
  • Attenuation up to approximately six stops.


Variable NDs are created by stacking two polarizing filters. The physics of light dictate that any two polarized filters when rotated against one-another will create a fader affect. However, the Formatt-Hitech Variable ND is the one filter of its kind that uses advances science in the light modification to minimize the effect of the polarization on the image. Both layers of the Variable ND are designed specifically for the purpose of attenuating light specifically for this filter.

The benefits to the end user are numerous. First, the Formatt-Hitech Variable ND is the most color-neutral fader filter on the market. Second, the filter maintains excellent contrast throughout the range. And third, because the filter has minimal visual polarizing effect, it creates the most lifelike images regardless of the orientation of the inner ring.

The filter ring is a robust design, manufactured in aluminum, and features attenuation markings on the outside of the ring. This allows the user to vary the fader and return to a fixed position. The Variable ND can be adjusted while shooting for example, from shots that go from inside a house or vehicle to outside. If you're just getting started in digital cinema this should be the first filter you buy!


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