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METZ Mecalight LED 72 video light

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A compact and versatile LED light-source for improving video and photos when shooting with smartphones and tablets. Metz have made it possible to add high quality lighting from an array of 51 LED lamps, producing 72 Lux of output with neutral daylight colour temperature. The passive 3.5mm jack plugs into the headphone socket of your smartphone or tablet and allows tilt and swivel adjustment to get the light exactly where you want it.

• Compact LED light ideal for video & photo use on Smartphones & Tablets

• 51 high CRI LEDs (CRI = colour rendering index)

• Light Output: 72 Lux

• Power supply: Built-in Lithium Polymer battery

• USB charging socket, with charging cable

• Colour temperature: Daylight (5600 Kelvin)

• Passive 3.5mm jack-plug fits into headphone socket. Swivels and tilts +or- 90 degrees

• 3 Lighting Modes: Full Power, Partial, Stroboscopic

• Dimensions: 64mm W x 65mm H x 13mm D

• Weight: 29g

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