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LUMIQUEST -LQ-041 Flash book 041D (46-LQ041)

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FLASH…THE MOST AVAILABLE LIGHT by Quest Couch is an easy reference for creating natural light with flash for DIGITAL and FILM photography.

The book is designed to be a “quick read,” initially providing an easy to understand working overview to the reader. More in-depth explanations are offered in an “Etc.” section. By reading this book you will learn how to work with a variety of situations on location to obtain natural results and understand the factors that affect your flash photography and how to use them to your advantage. This book will also dispel myths and teach you how to avoid common flash mistakes.

FLASH …THE MOST AVAILABLE LIGHT contains over 90 photographs, charts and illustrations to explain and demonstrate how your flash is an indispensable tool with a variety of applications. This book is the result of several decades of flash photography, designing the LumiQuest line of photo accessories, and thousands of conversations with both novice and experienced photographers. “Many of the techniques discussed in the book were, of course, originally developed using traditional film cameras but are equally applicable to digital imaging,” said Couch. “Light is light and shadows are shadows whether you are shooting with digital or film.”

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