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LEE +LEE100 NEW Deluxe kit

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LEE100 holder

LEE100 filter holder with filter guide blocks and pouch

0.6 medium neutral-density grad

One of our most popular and versatile neutral-density graduated filters, the medium grad is equally at home in mountain scenes, seascapes and woodland.

0.9 hard neutral-density grad

The clearly defined line of gradation in our hard filters is ideal for balancing the light when shooting seascapes with a sharp horizon.

1.2 medium neutral-density grad

This four-stop ND grad helps balance out the brightest of skies, and is particularly useful at bringing exposures within a usable range when shooting sunrises and sunsets.

Big Stopper

Our original and bestselling long-exposure filter reduces your exposure by 10 stops. Flattening out moving water and softening clouds, it’s perfect for creating that classic, minimalist landscape look. Comes in a smart, protective tin.

LEE100 Polariser

Easy to clip on to the front of the new LEE100 filter holder, the LEE100 polariser helps cut glare and reflections, introduces contrast to skies and is ideal for removing haze. It comes with a protective case.

Three-filter pouch and wrap

Suitable either for a holder and adaptor rings, or three resin filters, this pouch will protect your filters from dust and scratches. The wrap is also suitable for holding three filters – and doubles up as a cleaning cloth.

ClearLEE Filter Wash 50ml

Keep your filters clean and free of smears with our specially formulated filter wash.

ClearLEE filter cloth

Use in conjunction with ClearLEE filter wash for best results.

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