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COLORAMA 1R12WMV 3.55 rolleasy wall mount

$1,674.75(AUD inc. Tax)

Rolleasy Wall Mount Kit for one 3.55m Vinyl Background.


General Overview of the Rolleasy System
The Colorama Rolleasy is an exceptionally robust, professional studio background support system which can be wall or ceiling mounted.

> Can be configured to support 2.75m or 3.55m wide rolls.
> The ONLY system on the market to support the weight of 3.55m x 30m Paper Rolls and 3.50m x 12m Vinyl Rolls.
> NO CHAINS, NO SWINGING PARTS, NO OBSTRUCTIONS IN THE SHOOTING AREA. The Rolleasy system uses a detachable crank to smoothly raise and lower each background which is then automatically locked in position.
> The system is available as complete kits or as separate components to create a customised system.
> The Rolleasy system allows you to use multiple Paper and/or Vinyl backgrounds at the same time. For example, the picture on the right demonstrates use of white and grey backgrounds.

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