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PATERSON -PA FX39 500m>5lt LCS

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Paterson FX-39
high definition developer

This is a one shot high definition developer designed to allow a new standard of sharpness and definition to be reached. It has been designed to exploit the properties of films using advanced silver halide grain technology such as those in the Paterson Acupan, Kodak T-Max, Ilford Delta, Agfa APX and Fuji ranges.

As the development times of many traditional films are short compared to these emulsions, FX-39 can be diluted to 1+14 or even higher for convenience, accuracy and great economy without any loss of quality. Calculating the new time could not be easier - just multiply the 1+9 time by 1.5x. At 1+19 diluted (2x normal development time) FX-39 gives a valuable compensating effect with extra shadow detail and the ability to cope with high contrast subjects.

Formulated to give optimum results with tabular grain films;
Gives the film manufacturer's full speed rating;
Doubling of the ISO setting possible with extended development;
Also well suited to conventional grain films up to ISO 200.

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500ml   PAC110

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