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Vanbar Photo lab only uses high quality material in our Lab.

We use Fuji Crystal Archive Digital papers and you will get the same results you have grown to know and trust from Fujicolor Crystal Archive technologies. These results include vivid colour reproduction, brilliant whites, and excellent image stability. We also use KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Metallic VC for our larger Fujimoto metallic printing.

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Prints that stay beautiful over time. Advanced Fujicolor Crystal Archive Type II Technologies resist fading for generations.

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The Vanbar online lab system system has been especially designed so that it is compatible with as many web browsers as possible and so that you do not have to download any software to your computer. Unlike other systems that require you to install random software, and potential viruses that will fill your computer up with adds, spyware and annoying pop ups. You should never download and install  "UNVERIFIABLE" software.

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We often experience compatibility problems when new upgrades or versions of browsers are first used.
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101 x152mm (4 x 6") [3:2 aspect ratio] Glossy or Lustre 17  c (13c for 50 or more)
127 x178mm (5 x 7") Glossy or Lustre $1.76 each
152 x203mm (6 x 8") Glossy or Lustre $2.68 each
152 x228mm (6 x 9") [3:2 aspect ratio] Glossy or Lustre $2.68 each
203 x254nm (8 x10") Glossy or Lustre $2.99 each
203 x305mm (8 x12") [3:2 aspect ratio] Glossy or Lustre $11.00 each
254 x305mm (10x12") Glossy or Lustre $12.10 or $10  for 3+
305 x406mm (12x16") Glossy or Lustre $14.30 or $12  for 3+
305 x457mm (12x18")[3:2 aspect ratio] Glossy or Lustre $15.40


609 x 914mm (24"x36") Glossy or Lustre $49.90
609 x1219mm (24"x48") Glossy or Lustre $66.00 or $60 for 3+
609 x 254mm (24"x10") Panorama Glossy or Lustre $20.00 or $17.60 for 3+
914 x 305mm (36 x12") Panorama Glossy or Lustre $33.00 or $27.50 for 3+
914 x 914mm (36 x36") Glossy or Lustre $66.00 or $60 for 3+
1118x 508mm (44 x20") Panorama Glossy or Lustre $40.00 or $33 for 3+
1118 x 914mm (44 x36") Glossy or Lustre $77.00 or 66 for 3+
1118x1118mm (44 x44")   Glossy or Lustre $88.00 or $77 for 3+


Canvas Mat 24 x 24" Mat only $55.00 or 49.50 for 3+
Canvas Mat 24 x 36" Mat only $66.00 or $55 for 3+
Canvas Mat 24 x 10" Panorama Mat only $25.20 or $22 for 3+
Canvas Mat 36 x 36" Mat only $77.00 or $66 for 2+
Canvas Mat 36 x 12" Panorama Mat only $33.00 or $27.50 for 2+
Canvas Mat 44 x 36" Mat only $88.00 or 77 for 2+
Canvas Mat 44 x 44" Mat only $132.00 or $110 for 2+
Prices are for printing jobs done via this automated online internet lab service. NOTE these Prices DO NOT APPLY for Email , Drop box or in store work. Please call for current manual lab service prices.  

^Quantity price is per file upload

Online Lab Prices (inc GST) prices subject to change without notice

*Proof: A proof is a print specifically for the purpose of a preliminary sample or test for the client to inspect composition. This is normally produced so that modifications can be made prior to the printing of exhibition quality prints. No colour control, cropping or composition modification are performed in the lab. Prints are supplied in standard 90 micron Polyethylene tubes which may not protect prints from minor damages. Proofs are often very similar in quality to exhibition prints however they are supplied "as is" and Redo's will NOT be considered.

**Exhibition: These prints are normally final products that are used for display or folios and where possible clients should use profiles and have made all correction to color and composition before submitting files. Exhibition prints may have as an extra service, cropping, boarders, nesting and other in-house alterations. Prices quoted separately. Prints are supplied (Flat) i.e. they will not be rolled and multiple prints are separated by acid free paper. Prints must be collected be the client from the Counter at 450 Gore st Fitzroy. Clients must provide their own folios or boxes to transport these images.

*** DATA surcharge : From time to time a data excess surcharge may be added to the value of some orders . This will apply where the " total" file size upload ( sum of all images in one order) exceeds the recommended satisfactory file size for individual images within an order. ( 6x4inch 2.5 MB) (up to 8x12in 6 MB) (up to 12x18in 10 MB) ( up to 20x40in Superproof 20MB)  ( up to 20x40in Exhibition 40MB) . This surcharge is most often applied where excess file sizes are uploaded for small prints. i.e a file size of 1 or 2 MB is more than adequate for the printing of 6x4inch prints , however often users choose to upload much larger files. This Surcharge is applied as Data is charged on a per/MB basis and it costs more and takes longer to download and manage larger files.

****Profiles Please note Vanbar does not do any adjustments to your files, we provide soft-proofing profiles Here

(last updated 28-11-2014) Prices subject to change without notice

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