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We are proud of our reputation as one of Australia's best professional colour labs. We work hard to sustain that reputation through painstaking attention to detail in our printing and maintaining long-term personal relationships with our customers.

The staff at Vanbar are passionate about quality. Our printing department has decades of experience analysing colour and density in photographs, and we back them up with quality control inspections of every job before they goes out. Whether starting from film or a digital file, colour or black and white, we strive to produce the finest quality prints possible–prints that our photographers are proud to present to their customers.

We also have commitment to technology. In addition to our state-of-the-art printers, Fuji Frontier and Fujimoto LED digital we also stand behind our tradition Black and white develop and print services and our E6 Dip and dunk film processor.

We process and print almost all types of films. C41, E6 , B&W , 35mm roll film and 4x5*, E6 infrared and many specialized Black and white films.

Digital imaging is managed by our Fuji Frontier Digital lab and in store Kiosks combined with a Fujimoto 20" LED printer to give our customer the best results in all print sizes up to 50 x100 cm.

E6. After 25 years of processing and mounting slide films for our customers around Australia we have become well know for excellent quality and reliability.  Our traditional dip and dunk continues process allows for the quickest possible E6 process times and the flexibility of Push and Pull process of 35mm,roll film and 4x5 sheet films. The dip and dunk process has through time proven to be far more reliable and enable film to hang into the chemical tanks without any direct contact of rollers. As E6 films are extremely soft and sensitive to damage during processing it is important for us to use this dip and dunk technology in preference to cheaper roller transport machines which are susceptible to scratching films.

C41 Unlike many labs around the country we still process C41 films. 35mm and roll films are processing using Fuji Professional chemistry  in our automated film processor. These films can then be scanned and digitized to suit any requirement.

Black and White. This is a combination of tradition hand processing of B&W films and printing on state of the art Digital printers. Our hand processing lab service for Black and white means that we can offer rapid service times combined with specialized film by film requests.

Film Recording . If you need your digital files or prints put back onto film for presentations or just because that's the way you like them them we can print to 35mm slide film most types of digital files.
Film Scanning. We can copy you files or scanned film directly to CD or DVD during the processing service. Or if you have films stored that you wish to convert to digital we can scan individual frames or entire collections

Online lab services. We discovered quite some time ago that professionals required rapid , simple to use and multi platform system for uploading jobs to be printed. We created the Vanbar online lab with these features in mind and gave our customers one of the simplest and fastest systems. And most importantly we designed this to work on almost all computers and with almost all browsers. The system does not require our customer to download or install any software. This reassures them that we are not collecting data or corrupting their computers with unauthorized software. Its quick and easy and most importantly our prices are extremely competitive.

* E6 35mm,roll film, 45 /  C41 35mm roll film / B&W 35mm Roll film 4x5


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