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CAMBO Legend 2 4x5 camera

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Strong and Solid Construction for Today�s Growing Studio
Cambo�s Legend Series cameras are built to take a beating and hold up to
the wear and tear of everyday studio use. These solidly designed and ruggedly
constructed view cameras are a popular favorite in many of today�s large
catalog studios because they are so durable and dependable � day-in and
day-out. The Legend�s all-metal, U-frame standards are among the most rigid
ever designed and capable of flawless performance . . . year after year.
Fluid-Smooth Movements
Rack and pinion rise and fall, lateral shifts and fine focusing provide precise
image control. All movements are calibrated for quick reference and easy
repeatability with convenient zero-position detents.
Easily Extendable Monorail System
The Legend�s two-section, split monorail allows for convenient storage and
travel, plus provides a short (10") section that is perfect for wide angle work.
Cambo�s add-on monorail extensions offer quick and smooth transitions from
close-ups and macro work to wide angle views and everything in between.
Extensions can be added or removed conveniently, without dismantling the
camera, and they provide uninterrupted, full-length focusing.
Available With or Without Yaw-free, Base-tilt, Perspective Control
The Legend Plus models feature yaw-free base-tilts which allows the table-top
photographer to level the camera�s pivot point while shooting, as they often
are, with the camera inclined in the downward position. This added tilt
movement means no more set-up compromises and helps eliminate shape
distortions in your subjects. All Legend series cameras feature standard axial
tilt controls and a convenient depth-of-field scale which determines the
proper focal point and computes the optimum aperture required to match the
sharpness range you desire.
Complete and Economical Accessory System
No matter what camera configuration a shot calls for, there is a Cambo
accessory that will fill the bill and will do so more cost-effectively than any
other large format system. See pages 11-15 for details.
Best Buy in Serious Large Format
When you compare quality and value of all studio view camera systems on the
market today, the Cambo Legend series cameras clearly come out on top.
Includes U-frame standards, one-section monorail, mounting block,
bellows and revolving back with ruled ground

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