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TETENAL TE Superfix tabs 20tabs New (033-5520)

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SUPERFIX TABS 20 tablets each 20 g Art. No. 105520
For approx. 3 litres of film fixer or for approx. 4.5 litres of paper fixer
Capacity: max. approx. 60 films 135-36 or approx. 10 m² PE/RC paper or approx. 5 m² FB paper
SUPERFIX TABS is a fixer in tablet form for Black & White films and Black & White papers in trays and
developing tanks. The portioning "1 tablet for 150 ml" allows a particularly easy handling: depending
on the filling quantity of the developing tank or developing tray used, the required number of tablets
is dissolved in water. The extraordinarily long shelf life of SUPERFIX TABS of at least 4 years allows for
particularly high economic efficiency, especially when working only sporadically over longer periods of

see pdf data sheet attached

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