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OSIRIS F2 adjustable speed film processor New (D-26-F2)

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Technical data

Fully automatic filmprocessor.Automatic constant temperature.Recycle the Solution automaticly and independently.
Built in 4 Program, C41,E6,and two customized  Programs(SetA and SetB), fits for Negative, Positive and BW.
Dimensions W/H/D in cm: 56X45X24.
The standard spec includes 6 bottles, Others are optional.
Compatible with JOBO 2520/2553(with cog)Safety instructionsOnly connect your processor to a standard 3 pin earth socket.
Only operate your processor using conventional photo chemicals.
When working with the photo chemicals, please ensure that you observe the manufacturer's safety instructions.
The motor head cannot be rinsed or immersed in water.AttentionLevelling your processor.Your equipment must be level. Place a spirit level on the front edge of your processor and support it underneath if necessary to make it level. Never place your spirit level on top of the tank/drum as this will give an inaccurate reading! 
Keep bath water reach water level line.
Keep all the inlet and outlet flow.
Care about the NO. of intake hose.
Maintain power supply stabilityCommissioning1.Preparation for processingPlug in 220V power supply.
Connecte to the running water pipe or pump.
Turn on the processor
Fill the water bath with water.
Fill the bottle with chemical.
Install the dev tank to processor.2.Check2.1 Check all the inlet and outlet is flow and connected firmly sealed.
2.2 Check all the cap of bottle is tightened and sealed.
2.3 Check all the hose to the bottle is connected firmly sealed.
2.4 Check the dev tank is Installed correct.
2.5 Selcet the program, set temperature.3.User Interface abbreviate4.Beginning of processing4.1 Run with built in C41 or E6.
Choose the C41 or E6 program, then set temperature, press Start/pause key, the processor will run according to the default process.
Default process of C41:
Temperature:37.8, volume of rinsing water:10L.
step1. Developer(bottle1), 3'15''. --- step2. Bleach(bottle2), 6'00'. --- step3. Rinsing, 3times. --- step4. fixer(bottle3), 4'20''. --- step5. Rinsing, 5times. --- step6. Final rinse(bottle4), 1'30''.
Default process of E6:
Temperature:38, volume of rinsing water:11L.
step1. Rinsing and Preheat, 2'00''. --- step2. First developer(bottle1), 6'30''. --- step3. ---Rinsing, 2'00''. --- step4. Reversal Bath(bottle2), 2'00'' --- step5. Color developer(bottle3), 5'00''. --- step6. conditioner(bottle4), 2'00'. --- step7. bleach(bottle5), 6'00''. --- step8. fixer(bottle6), 4'00. --- step9. Rinsing, 6times. --- step10. stabilisher, 1'30''.
4.2 Run with customized  Program(SetA and SetB).
4.2.1 Choose SetA or SetB by press program key.

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