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FEIYUTECH QING intell DSLR motion control (VR-FYQING)

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The Feiyu QING (pronounced "KING") is a motorized pan and tilt gimbal designed to provide an efficient workflow for time-lapse photography and general applications. It features a 7.7 lb load capacity and has a 3/8"-16 thread on the bottom for mounting it on tripods and sliders. QING offers full 360° pan rotation and 60° tilt, and it offers a wide range of assignable pan and tilt speeds. It's designed with brushless motors that allow for smooth and precise rotation.

A touchscreen remote controller is included that's used to set everything up remotely. The remote allows you to set up time-lapse sessions and wide-angle and panorama shots in combination with your camera. The controller can also be attached to the bottom of the QING in order to use the two as a handheld gimbal stabilizer.

Using an optional smartphone adapter, you can attach your phone to the controller and monitor your image from the phone. In this way, QING can be used for vlogging, with you in front of the camera, operating the motions and functions of the QING with the controller. Offering multiple connections, QING lets you connect optional focus motors and other gear. Additionally, an optional Bluetooth mi

c can be connected remotely to let you capture audio along with the video. Bluetooth Remote Controller The included Bluetooth controller features a touchscreen that allows you to set the range, time, speed, and interval parameters for time-lapse capture and other applications. No additional app is required as everything is done from the touchscreen. Via the controller, you can also select the operating mode, start/stop recording, and set the axis rotation. Bluetooth Mic Support An optional Bluetooth mic can be connected to the QING to allow remote audio recording, enabling an audio/video capture workflow. Arca-Swiss Quick Release Plate QING features an Arca-Swiss type quick release plate, allowing for efficient camera mounting. 3/8"-16 Tripod Thread A 3/8"-16 tripod mount thread on the bottom allows mounting the QING on compatible tripods and sliders. 2200mAh Battery QING features a removable/swappable battery pack that has an onboard charging port.

Motion Control Device for Time-lapse Photography Overview

  • The payload is up to 3.2 KG,which can support all kinds of DSLR and part of cinema cameras.
  • Made of Aviation Aluminum-alloy, strong in construct and light in weight.
  • Remote control with oversized touch screen can set up all the shooting parameter. With 15 meters control distance, You can monitor and check all working status from a distance, and start intelligent shoot with pre-set templates.
  • Powerful Remote control to control the capturing, recording , focus(half press), follow focus with external AFK II, and directly set up timelapse, auto rotation, 9 square panorama and auto 180degree/ 360 degree panorama, working with intelligent MCU power to calculate remaining time and total duration of whole shooting, total length of the ,current and total photos, and control QING to auto finish the whole shooting.
  • Auto rotation setup feature make it perfectly use at auto shooting at fixed position or VLOG for single man.
  • 9 square panorama feature make it easily auto take 3*3 wider panorama with pre-set template.
  • Auto panorama with 180degree and 360 degree template to get quick panorama.
  • Cable control the capturing, recording , follow focus and zooming with external AFK II, stable and security.
  • QING designs two quick release system for camera and battery to make the mounting and usage more easily.
  • Each security motor lock for tilt axis and battery to get secure mounting.
  • Comes with gradienter on pan axis to get level state in real time.
  • Working with optional infrared tracker to follow moving target in real time .
  • Working with optional wireless MIC kit to get better sound in 15 meter for Vlogger.
  • Reserve 3pcs USB2.0 port and 1pcs USB C port for follow focus / infrared tracker / cable control to get more flexible application.
  • Comes with 3/8inch thread hole to directly mount on professional tripod , slider rail and other accessories.

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