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JUPIO LED JPL150B light New

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Jupio PowerLED is a new range of video LED light panels with adjustable brightness.

The JPL150B is an ultra-slim compact LED light using surface mounted LEDs, attractive and easy to carry. It is powered by a Sony NP-F series battery (not included). The light can be used as a light source in dark environments, and to adjust and compliment ambient light for clearer, brighter images. Additionally the light can be used outdoors as a support light, or for special effects.

150 LED bulbs
Runs on Sony NP-F series battery such as F970, F750 or F550 (battery not included)
Adjustable brightness
Two filters: warming (orange) and diffusing
Shoe mount included

Jupio PowerLED 150B Video LED Light for NP-F Series Battery

Input: 8.4V
Output: 150 LED bulbs / 12W
Power source: Sony NP-F series battery (not included)
Brightness: 1350 Lux/0.5m
Light adjusting range: 7-100%
Colour temperature: 3200K- 6000K (through filters)
Dimensions: 140 x 75 x 20mm
Weight: 170g

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