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Metz -54-MZ3i flash gun w/SCA Nikon N

$461.19(AUD inc. Tax)

This 54MZ-3 kit includes the SCA 3402 module for Nikon.

The 54MZ-3 is user-friendly with only two buttons, and a single thumb wheel controls the logically arranged menu system. The illuminated LCD panel is large and easy-to-read and only displays the pertinent mode information.

Special features of the 54MZ-3 include the display of focal length for the lens in use in the LCD screen. This display can be adjusted from feet to meters, or to various film formats for standard 35mm, APS, 645, or 6x6. Other features are auto flash bracketing, auto shut-off, and lockable keypad eliminating accidental setting changes.

AF Assist Beam
Automatic Power-off, Auto Flash Mode, Auto Flash Program
HSS High Speed Synchronization
Manual Zoom, Extended Zoom
Battery Tester
Correct Exposure Indication
Flash Ready Indicator
Key Function
LCD/LED Display
TTL Mode, TTL Fill-in Flash Control
Manual Flash Mode
Partial Light Output Mode
Tilt and Swivel Reflector
Rear Sync
Modelling Light
Flash Bracketing
Wide-angle Attachment
Remote Automatic or Remote TTL
Rapid Function
Secondary Reflector
Stroboscope Mode
SCA-300, 3002-Adapter-System




Type Shoe Mount
Guide Number 131 -50mm, 177 -105 mm (ISO 100 ft)
Zoom Range 24-105 mm
Bounce Capability -13° to 90°
Swivel Capability Yes
Auto Settings Auto Distance Range Variable
Auto F/Stops f/2.0, 4.0 & 8.0
Angle of Coverage 84° to 23° (24-105mm lenses in 35mm format)
94° (20mm) with included wideangle diffuser
Recycle Time .1-5sec NiMH, .1-6sec Alkaline, .1-5sec NiCD, .1-6sec P40 & .1-2.5sec P50 Pack
Power Source Four 1.5-Volt "AA" batteries (alkaline or NiCd)

Optional Power Packs P40 & P50
Dimensions (W x H x D) 4.3 x 4.9 x 3 in
Weight 1.4 lbs (with batteries)
Notes & Special Features Flashes/Charges: 3000-180 ALK, 1200-60 N/C, 2000-100 NiMH
Color Temperature: 5500 ° K
Auto Aperture Settings: 12
Auto Winder Motor Drive: A / TTL / M / WD / MD


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