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Metz 76-MZ5 flash gun with Bat

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METZ 76 MZ-5 Digital Hammerhead flashgun
Ultra High-Performance Flash

  • Huge variable power output (G/N 76 @ 100 ISO)
  • SCA 3002 compatible for all the latest DSLR's
  • Strobe mode with variable ouput
  • Motorised Zoom Reflector 24-105mm
  • Large illuminated LCD display
  • Modelling light / program memory
  • Flash recovery time: 0.1 - 5.0 seconds
  • Minimum number of full flashes: 170
  • D-TTL & i-TTL for Nikon
  • E-TTL for Canon
  • ADi for Minolta
  • includes battery & international charger
Tough professional use calls for maximum flash power and devices you can rely on. With the new, ultra high performance handheld flash guns from Metz you now have reliable lighting support during all your digital photo shootings, too. Behind the tried and tested ergonomic design of Metz mecablitz 76 MZ-5 digital and 45 CL-4 digital you can find the latest flash technologies for digital cameras: for example, the E-TTL flash mode from Canon, i-TTL and D-TTL from Nikon or ADI flash control from Konica/Minolta. Moreover, many more special functions offer creative leeway! The new, high performance Power Pack P 76, which attaches practically to your belt, provides an additional power source. The 76 MZ-5 digital in particular was equipped with a large illuminated dot matrix LC display. On top of this, the reflector of the new zoom flash unit adjusts automatically according to camera type in the focal length area of 24-105 mm. The wide angle diffuser included enables an extension to 20 mm.
  • Included accessories
    Standard foot
    Cover plate
    Camera bracket
    Nimh Battery Pack
    Wide-angle attachment (20mm)
  • Optional Accessories Available
    NiMh Battery 76-56
    battery 50-40
    NiMh charger 970
    V 76 connection cable
    Coloured filter Set 50-32
    mecabounce 50-90
    Spiral synchronous cable 36-52
    Standard synchronous cable 36-50
    Synchronous extension cable 60-54
    Camera Bracket 40-36
    Camera Bracket 32-38
    Mounting angle for control unit 50-35
    Bracket plate for middle format 70-35
    Bounce diffuser 50-23
    Mecalux 11
    Mecalux holder 60-26
    Carrying strap 50-31
    Carrying belt 60-80
    TTL-Multiconnector SCA 305 A
    SCA 305 K Connection cable for compact flashes
    SCA-3083 digital slave adapter
    Power Pack P 76 (incl. charger)
Tilt & Swivel Reflector
Control Unit with LC display &
Integrated measuring flash


76 MZ-5 digital Data

Guide number with ISO 100/21° (105mm)


Guide number with ISO 100/21° (50mm)


SCA 3002 System


SCA 300 System


Motor Zoom


Extended Zoom


Clip-on wide-angle attachment


Illumination above ...mm


Secondary reflector


Tilt & swivel Reflector
Rotation area

Vertical 90°
Horizontal 270°

Integrated AF measuring system


LCD or LED display


Manual Flash Mode


Tele-computer apertures


TTL Mode


Stroboscopic Mode


Key Function (Key Lock)


Modelling Light


Metz remote control function


Metz remote slave function




Lighting Control Indicator


Possible power sources

Rechargable battery
Power pack

Flash recovery time
(in seconds. ca.)

Power pack min. 0.1
Power pack P76 max. 3
NiMH-rechargable max. 0.1
NiMH rechargable max. 5

Min. number of flashes
by full light output

NiMh rechargable 1600 mAh 135
Power pack P76 180

Weight without batteries
in gram (ca.)

Head 880
Powerpack 140 

Dimensions in mm (ca.)
L = Lamp pole
C = Control Unit
G = Generator

Width L 103
Width C/G 67
Height L 244
Height C/G 35
Depth L 118
DepthC/G 89


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