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QUBIE QUBIE LED flash/light 1500lum

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Useable as either a strobe or a Video light, this Qubie Micro LED light is suitable for still photographers, videographers, and a best friend to those of us that dabble a bit in both fields. Featuring a 1400mAH battery, this video light can be used continuously for 45 minutes at full output, while a silicone skin affords the unit a splashproof, weather-sealed rating. Controlling the Qubie Micro LED light is intuitive and easy, with the option of changing settings either with the buttons on the unit, or VIA your IOS or Android device, thanks to the built-in Bluetooth connectivity. Use this Qubie Micro LED light as a companion for your Digital SLRDigital video camera or Smartphone.


  • Strobe Max output: 1500 lumens
  • Video lightMax output: 800 lumens
  • 45 mins battery life at full power
  • Charges in as little as 5 mins
  • Built in Bluetooth connectivity

Videographers and Photographers both have a new favourite toy in the form of this Qubie Micro LED light. This portable, lightweight device features three daylight-balanced LED lights that provide an output of up to 1500 lumens when used as a strobe, or 800 lumens when used as a Video Light. Further suited to video usage, the Qubie light has a fast 20,000 Hz refresh rate, which basically makes it flicker-free at standard video rates.

A solid all-round feature set 

With a built in 1400 mAh battery, the Qubie Micro LED light allows usage of up to 45 mins at full power, and much longer when it is set to a duller output. Portable and suited to usage on the go, this unit charges VIA micro USB, which takes around 45 mins when using an optional iPad charger. Rugged and able to be used confidently wherever you need it, the Qubie light is water-resistant when the replaceable silicone skin is attached. For versatile mounting the Qubie gives you the option of a ¼” - 20 threaded hole, a suction cup, and a magnetic surface which is inbuilt - Making this device useable virtually anytime and anywhere.

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Built in bluetooth connectivity for quick and easy adjustments 

In keeping with this on-the-go, versatile theme, the Qubie light allows you to adjust settings either on the unit itself, or thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, VIA an app on your IOS or Android device. This feature extends your shooting capabilities and opens up the door to exploring more flexible, remote lighting techniques.

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Key Features

  • Colour Temperature: 5600L
  • Strobe Max output: 1500 lumens
  • Video light Max output: 800 lumens
  • 45 mins battery life at full power
  • Charges in as little as 5 mins
  • Built in Bluetooth connectivity


 1,500 Lumens @ 5,600 Kelvin and 92 CRI. 

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