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PATERSON -PA Aculux 1lt>10lt LCS Superdeal

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Paterson Aculux 2

Can be used for all b/w films, regardless of speed or grain group. It is a one shot, fine grain developer, formulated to give a compact grain structure, superb tonal gradation and maximum highlight and shadow detail. When used with modern hi-tech films such as Paterson Acupan 200 it will produce exceptional, almost grain free negatives.

With films in the medium speed group, Aculux 2 produces very fine grain and long tonal range negatives capable of a high enlargement.

With modern fast films such as Acupan 800, Aculux 2 keeps grain to an absolute minimum but still provides a wide tonal range.

New formulation, gives a more compact grain structure with improved highlight and shadow detail;
Almost grain- free negatives with slow, fine-grain films;
Gives film speed increase of 1/3 of an f-stop.

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500ml   PAC105
1000ml   PAC106

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